Lifestyle Space, Easily Created

We make it easy to bring your dream lifestyle to reality. Our spaces are fully flexible to meet your needs – whether you’re after a garden room, seaside villa, country cottage, or an urban studio.

With a host of styles for rural and urban storage, studios, cabins and dwellings, you can create your whole space in one place. We take the stress out of creating that extra space. Our complete, pre-manufactured system uniquely combines the highest quality of workmanship with speed, ease, and minimal cost. It’s so much more than just a kit, including cladding, insulation, windows, roofing other extras to suit your specification. Your space is literally built before you start.

How We Do It

 Greenspan’s lifestyle space solutions are manufactured to strict standards. All timbers are hand selected and materials, fixings and components are of select grade and high quality. Having manufactured prefabricated buildings for over forty years you can rest assured that we have the necessary experience to help you create that perfect extra lifestyle space that you are looking for.

Furthermore, our prefab building solutions can be adapted to suit any site location from suburban blocks to rural properties. Difficult sites are not a problem, due to the kit being in panel form. All panels can fit through a house doorway if required. Construction is quick, with minimal noise and disturbance to neighbours.

Our Mission

Making lifestyle space easy to create. We combine renewable resources with resource efficient manufacturing techniques to create top quality and sustainable prefab housing, shelter and storage solutions. 

Our Vision

To be a nationwide leader in prefab housing, shelter and storage solutions.

Our Values

Our success is underpinned by our culture and our core values;

Unity  We are one team with one goal. The role of every player is key in the Greenspan journey and as part of one big family we all have our part to contribute along the way.

Loyalty – Loyalty to the team and loyalty to our goal is what builds trust and keeps us united.

Trustworthiness – While trust is the glue that holds us together we need to be found worthy of the trust that is placed in us. We keep our word, behave well and do what is expected of us.

Reliability – By being consistently trustworthy we know as a team that we can be relied upon not to let down ourselves, each other or the team.

Transparency – With one goal in mind we know that transparency within team is critical if we are to overcome our challenges and reach the goal.

Honesty – Our reputation is critical in reaching our goal and honesty is always the best policy for maintaining a solid reputation.